where can i order Premarin Procedure for elections at Claremont Senior Center:
1. Establish Nominating Committee at March Board meeting; members desiring to be on
the nominating committee submit a request to the board. A list of the committee
members will be posted.
2. Board selects and approves 3 to 5 members to serve on the committee.
3. Committee selects a chair, and determines a list of eligible candidates
4. Nominating committee submits a list of candidates to the membership by April 1. The list
is posted in the lobby and on the bulletin board in the Owens room.
5. Voting will be conducted at the May annual meeting.
6. Absentee ballots shall be submitted 1 week before the election date in the following

A. Members will submit ballots in double envelope; ballot in an unmarked envelope
placed into an envelope with the member’s name clearly printed, given to the
executive director or receptionist at the lobby desk.
B. Printed from the CSC website, placed in a blank envelope, and mailed to the
center attn: Ballot, and must be received by the date above. The outer envelope
must be clearly marked with the member’s name.
C. The Nominating committee will conduct the election and count the votes.
D. Voting results will be immediately announced at the meeting


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Claremont Senior Center, Inc.
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Claremont, NH 03743