Comments from the Executive Director

From the Executive Director
             Old Man Winter sure has kept us busy the last week or two.
             I always share this story with others because I found it humorous when asked about winters in New England.
             I went to Texas in the winter of 2007 as our daughter was due to have a baby. Her in laws met us at the airport as she was in the hospital. On our ride to the hospital, the in laws were talking to my other daughters and I about our winters up here in New England.
             They were saying how cold and buried we must be up here when it snows, so I was explaining to them that snow isn’t always bad. Yes, we do get some good storms at times.  It has purposes it serves such as being an insulator. A lot of people enjoy the snow for activities such as skiing, sledding, snow mobiles etc. With the cold temperatures when the lakes and ponds freeze people like to ice skate and go ice fishing.
            They wanted to know if we lived in Igloos!! They had never been to New England so guessing what it was like here. We were explaining that no we have regular houses, we have to have heat of some sort, winterize our homes etc.
Its always interesting when you go other places, meet people and how they interpret life in other areas.
           The kids had moved up this way, and after our son in law’s mom passed away his father decided to get away and came to New England to visit. He could not believe how pretty NH was and the mountains and lakes. We took him up to the White Mountains for a few days and he enjoyed himself so much. However, we haven’t convinced him to come visit in the winter!
Fun facts:
  • Snow is not white! It is translucent. Light reflecting off the snow makes it appear white.
  • Snowflakes are in many different shapes depending on the temperatures.
  • Fresh fallen snow absorbs sound waves.
  • Snow is a great insulator because it is compromised of 90-95% trapped air.
  • Do you know who loves snow? Snow monkeys love it. They love playing and making snowballs.
       In the mean time I am busy working on some new things for the senior center, that will soon be available. I want to let you know that I have appreciated meeting so many of you and thank you for your support here at the Senior Center. I look forward to bringing more activities here over time. If you have any questions come see me at the Senior Center and we’ll see what we can do. My ears are open and my eyes are looking!!!!
Cheryl Bailey, Executive Director